Dear community,

It’s been some time since our last update, but your patience will be rewarded with news on all things open source coin. Radicle, our P2P collaboration language was announced, and today we’re releasing a manuscript detailing its formal semantics. We’ve also hired some great people, worked on our branding, and made progress on several key research and operational goals.

Brand Design

While open source developers will ultimately give the network its character, we’ve given ourselves some simple brand guidelines to ensure our design choices are transparent and intentional early on, while keeping space open for the community to color the project themselves.

Along with our updated branding, we’ve completed a light refresh of our website.

And, we wave a new logo, designed by Ben Pieratt:

Moving forward, we’ll also be consistent with our use of the term 'open source coin' when referring to the network’s native currency.

People Updates

We’re excited to have several new people joining the team.

A couple of other talented individuals are also lending us a hand:

Technology Updates

On the engineering side, our recent work has been focused on radicle. We recently published our first technical paper describing radicle, as well as an explanation of where it fits in the greater ecosystem.

Julien has been working on a DApp with web interface for working graphically with your codebase, including an updated revision flow process and a UI for interacting with the radicle ecosystem.

Research and Other Updates

Ele has been continuing his research on crypto-network governance mechanisms and has outlined the key design principles for the network’s governance, to be shared with all of you by the end of the year in a separate post.

In addition, together with Onur, they have conducted an extensive review of salient monetary policy literature over the past several months and started drafting a framework for open source coin’s monetary supply schedule. Their focus is now moving to the design of the treasury allocation mechanism.

Finally, Onur has been preparing the incorporation documents for establishing a non-profit structure that will support a continued research and education programs after network launch.

Upcoming Events

If you happen to be Berlin for Web3 Summit, Ele will speaking about all things open source coin. Please say hello if you’re in attendance!


The oscoin team

October 16th, 2018

  1. https://decentralizedweb.net/ 

  2. https://www.nrc.no/ 

  3. https://github.com/tsenart/vegeta