Dear community,

It’s been a few months since our last update. Since February, we’ve been heads down working on assembling the oscoin core team, drafting our technical paper, and researching incentivization mechanisms for the sustainable funding of open-source.

In terms of hiring, we’re happy to say that the following people are joining the team:

As for the protocol, we’ve been busy experimenting and prototyping different architectures that fit our problem domain. We’ve taken inspiration from a variety of projects including Plasma, RaiBlocks and Dfinity, as well as interesting ideas such as categorical patch theory, BLS signatures and causal consistency models.

Besides decentralization, developer experience is our foremost constraint and consideration when evaluating different architectures and consensus protocols. We believe we have found a promising solution we are excited to share in the coming months, along with our paper. This puts us on track for a code release by the end of the year.

On the incentivization side, we’re tapped into the work being done around token curated registries and the development of crypto-economic primitives. Our current focus here is on finding reliable mechanisms that incentivize users to protect the commons rather than exploit it. The work of Elinor Ostrom around common-pool resources has been particularly insightful when drawing parallels between physical resources and digital goods.

New social channels 😸

While we’ve been quietly working on all of the above, we’ve also made some progress on our social channels. You can now find us on Telegram: t.me/oscoin and on twitter: @oscoin. We are also staying at Full Node in Berlin until June, so if you're around, come say hello!

Lastly, some of our team members will be speaking at the following events:

Thanks for reading,

The oscoin team

May 3rd, 2018