Dear community,

We want to thank you for your support over the last few months and provide an update on oscoin.

Since our initial announcement of the project in September, we’ve had an incredible amount of interest and support. The encouragement, ideas and advice we have received has been invaluable, and as of January we are now working full-time on oscoin, and are committed to its future.

Our objective over the last months was to create a support network of people who share our beliefs concerning open-source and decentralization, and can help us realize our vision. In this spirit, we are happy to announce that the following people are backing the project:

Our focus now moves towards building oscoin. In order to do so we created a company that will nurture the project before it's ready to exist on its own. The company is called Monadic. You will hear more about it in the future.

Our first goal is to launch an independent network for hosting and collaboration around code, one that is owned and governed by the open-source community, not us. This is a prerequisite for our second goal, which is to provide new and effective financing mechanisms for open-source projects.

Our biggest challenge right now is building the team that will execute on this, as well as architecting a system that will enable effective collaboration and incentivization around open-source in a decentralized and fair manner. We’ve made a lot of progress on this front and will be sharing more in the coming months.

Right now, our time is spent building the foundations of this system and documenting its design. There are four tracks for which we’ll be building a team:

  1. Protocol (Q1 2018)
  2. Governance (Q3 2018)
  3. Incentivization (Q4 2018)
  4. Application (Q1 2019)

Our goal for this year is to open-source a minimal reference implementation of oscoin, along with a detailed specification of the protocol and vision. Towards the second half of the year we will start building governance tools and incorporating incentivization mechanisms which we are currently researching. Finally, in 2019 we will start putting our efforts into the application layer, preparing for a testnet launch in 2019.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in what we’re doing, please direct them to our jobs page. We’re currently only hiring software engineers, but will be looking for other positions in the future.

Thanks for reading,

The oscoin team

February 6th, 2018