Software Engineer, Oscoin

At Monadic, the team behind oscoin, we're hiring our first engineers. We're looking for experienced candidates who are well versed in functional programming and distributed systems. We'd like to speak to people who are empathetic, humble, passionate about their work and strive for excellence.

Currently, all of our efforts are focused on building the reference implementation of oscoin, an open-source protocol and network for decentralized code hosting and collaboration which aims to make open-source development more sustainable.

Everything we build is open-source. Our language of choice is Haskell. You will be tasked to build and deploy fault-tolerant distributed systems based on cryptographic proofs, authenticated data-structures and distributed-ledger technologies.

You will have to keep up to date with recent developments in the field; the ability to read research papers and produce working implementations is essential. You will have to be an excellent communicator, both in oral and written form.

We invest in people primarly, not technologies: if you are a seasoned software engineer but lack experience with some of the tools, technologies or languages we use, we can get you up to speed.

At Monadic, the culture is the people we hire. We have core tenets which you will learn about and help shape, but these revolve principally around how we treat each other and what standards we try to meet when working together.

If you'd like to apply, please send us an email at jobs@monadic.xyz with your résumé and links to or samples of work you've done; we especially value open-source contributions.

  1. The salary is equal for all employees, including founders, regardless of location. We believe in having a level playing field for everyone and in keeping the team small. Equity is negotiable based on experience.